Winter Olympics Betting at Bet365

Winter Olympics betting at Bet365The 2014 Winter Olympics begin in one weeks time and after the Super Bowl finishes up this Sunday many online sports bettors will turn their attention to Sochi.  The Olympics are a very interesting event for sports bettors because sportsbooks, such as Bet365, offer lines on many sports that they only offer lines for every four years (each Olympics).  This gives the bettor an opportunity to find sharp betting lines because the oddsmakers probably don’t have a perfect grasp on which athletes/nations should be the favourites or have a chance at winning some of the lesser known events.

Take Skeleton racing for example.  Bet365 currently has Martins Dukurs at odds of 1.45 to win the Skeleton gold medal in Sochi.  Yes, Dukurs is the best Skeleton racer, based on him finishing atop the Skeleton World Cup standings for the past 5 years, but does that mean he will come out on top in a single event.  He finished second in Vancouver four years ago, and yes he had won the World Cup that year and the European Championships.  Martin won the World Championships in both 2011 and 2012, but this last year he finished second.  Martin is obviously the favourite, but just looking at the big events he should really be closer to 2/1 to win the gold medal in Sochi because so much can happen in a few runs of skeleton.

You will notice this throughout the events.  The favourites will often be bigger favourites than they should be.  The trick to profiting from these events is finding the athletes who are being underrated but have the potential ability to have a big day on the biggest stage, win gold and add to your bankroll.

How To Bet On The Olympics at Bet365

Unlike most other sportsbooks, Bet365 does not have a dedicated Olympics section.  Instead you have to know which sport you are looking to bet on and find it from their list of sports offered.  Most of the lesser known winter sports that will be taking place at the Olympics are under the ‘Winter Sports’ tab in the sportsbook.  This includes Alpine Skiing, Biathlon, Cross Country Skiing, Freestyle Skiing, Luge, Nordic Combined, Skating, Skeleton, Ski Jumping and Snowboarding.

The ice hockey competition will be under ‘hockey’, while the curling is under ‘more sports’.  Bet365 does offer betting lines on each of the Winter Olympics events, so if you can’t find the event you are after just keep looking.

Do Your Research

As mentioned above the odds will have mistakes that can be capitalized on by sharp bettors.  Do your research and look for athletes who have the ability to have a big day.  Athletes who may be inconsistent, but have shown the ability to have very good times or routines on occasion.  These are the types of athletes who may have longer odds than they should to win the gold.

If you’re ready to bet on the Winter Olympics, click here to visit  Remember you will have to find the name of the event in the sidebar because Bet365 has no general Olympics category.

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