Online Sportsbook Offering Extensive Stats To Players

Many online sports bettors see the online sportsbook as the enemy.  The entity that they are betting against when placing wagers on sports.  This is in fact not at all the truth, even though it can seem that way.  An online sportsbooks goal is to make money regardless of the outcome of a game or event.  In order to do this they would ideally like the same proportion of bets on either side of a betting line.

US Sports StatsFor example, if in an NFL game the spread is 4.5, with odds of 1.91 on either side of the spread, the sportsbook would ideally want the same amount of money bet on both teams.  This would guarantee them a profit and vastly reduce their risk, which is a big part of business.  In order to reduce their risk and make the most profit the sportsbooks try to have as accurate of odds as possible, which should in turn keep the bets fairly equal on either side.  This is where the bettors come in.  If the sportsbook notices that most of the most of the money is being bet on the favorites, they will adjust the line, perhaps the make the team a 5 point favorite.  This should start to even out the amount of bets taken on either team.  So because of this, in reality, when you place a wager with an online sportsbook you are actually betting against other bettors.  In fact, certain sharp bettors can bet a lot, while casual bettors generally do not bet a lot.  This can be a problem for sportsbooks because the sharp bettors may bet a lot on a line when it isn’t exactly accurate, and then after the line moves, nobody is betting on the other side in order to reduce the sportsbooks risk.  To battle this online sportsbooks, generally like all of their bettors to be at least somewhat sharp.

This brings us to the point of this article.  In a round about way I explained how online sportsbooks don’t mind their bettors having a good knowledge of the sport and helping them make a smart line.  Of course, providing bettors with more information can also make them believe a certain way, which could entice them to bet more than they normally would.  Anyways, the point I’m trying to make is that online sportsbooks have good reason to provide information to the bettor. for example, provides a massive statistics center to their players.  They have an agreement with ChalkPartners to provide easy access to their players for a ton of statistics.

Let’s look at just the NFL for example.  Bet365 provides information on matchups, recent headlines, injury reports, previews, hot & not assessments, strength of schedule, game logs, weather reports, transactions, team reports and much more.  There is even a database that you can use to match up different statistical categories!

Bet365 doesn’t just have this information available for the NFL either.  They have it for the NBA, NCAA (football and basketball), NHL, MLB, CFL, WNBA and NASCAR.  Basically and big North American sport that they take bets on, they also provide a plethora of statistical information.

If you are a user, I suggest trying out their sports stats program before placing your bets to either confirm your thoughts or change your mind.  It’s another good tool that can be used, and something that all online sportsbooks should provide to their players.

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