March Madness Bracket Contest Popularity

NCAA Basketball TournamentIt seems every year the hype surrounding the NCAA March Madness tournament continues to grow.  The build up to the tournament dominates the news and on Selection Sunday the entire United States, and even Canada and the World (speaking of Canada check out this March Madness bracket contests list for Canadians) wait to find out which teams are seeded where so they can start filling out their bracket.

Friends compete against one another in private bracket pools, fans sign up at the many free March Madness contests around the internet and even buy-into some of the paid contests with the hopes of winning that big payday.  You can’t look around the web without noticing some kind of bracket contest promo and when it’s all said and done and the round 1 games begin on Thursday many fans have countless brackets entered around the internet and are hoping that just one hits.

The first weekend is the most fun for me.  There are always some huge upsets in these early rounds.  The kind of upsets that can bust a bracket.  You won’t see many 1 or 2 seeds, or even 3 or 4 seeds for that matter lose in these rounds, but when they do you can rest assured brackets from across the continent are getting busted.  Last year #2 Duke, #2 Missouri and #4 Michigan were all bounced from the tournament in the first round!  Then in the second round #3 Florida State and #3 Georgetown where each eliminated.  Needless to say there were some busted brackets last year, especially after the first round.

My advice for picking your brackets this year is to enter as many as you can and tweak your bracket in each one.  You should pick a few teams to live and die with in the tournament and then I suggest tweaking the other teams you are less sure of in order to differentiate your brackets.  This strategy will give you the best chance at a big prize in at least one of the contests you enter because if your main teams succeed then you will have covered most of the bases to have at least one or two very strong brackets.  And since most contests only award prizes to the top few brackets it’s important that you go big and strive for that near perfect bracket.

I know I’m going to be filling out close to 100 brackets this year from all of the free contests around the web.  I just hope that I can win one prize from all of these brackets.  Either way I’m going to be glued to the TV from Thursday through Sunday for the next few weekends taking in the excitement that is the March Madness NCAA Tournament.

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