Crazy Super Bowl Prop Bets

Weird Super Bowl PropsThe Super Bowl is finally here this coming Sunday and here at our name comes from the final season in professional football before the Super Bowl was introduced so I felt like it was important to at least do some kind of Super Bowl betting article.

What I came up with was looking at some of the crazy prop bets that are available for betting on the big game.  These props have evolved over the years and now you can literally bet on almost anything in the Super Bowl from what happens in the actual game to just what is broadcast on the television and has nothing to do with the game.

Here are some of the weirder prop bets available at, the king of the weird Super Bowl prop bets.

They have some weird cross sports matchups for the day.  Some examples include:

  • Sidney Crosby total shots vs Washington or Torrey Smith total receptions in the Super Bowl.
  • Carey Price total saves vs Ottawa or Colin Kaepernick total passing attempts in the Super Bowl.
  • Lebron James rebounds & assists vs Toronto or Ray Lewis tackles & assists in the Super Bowl.
  • Kobe Bryant points vs Detroit or Randy Moss receiving yards in the Super Bowl.

That was just a few of the cross sport matchup props that Bovada is offering.  Just by looking at a few of these I think there could definitely be some sharp bets to be made, but there is a lot of juice with each of the selections set at -115.

Then you’ve got some weird historical matchup props:

  • More rushing yards in the game – Steve Young from Super Bowl XXIX (49 yards) or Colin Kaepernick this Sunday.
  • More tackles & assists in the game – Ray Lewis from Super Bowl XXXV (5) +6 or Ray Lewis on Sunday -6.
  • More rushing yards – Jamal Lewis Super Bowl XXXV (102 yards) -30.5 or Ray Rice this Sunday +30.5.

These are historical matchups between players on the same team from different Super Bowls.  They are kind of interesting, but they simply work as an over/under for the player from the present era.

Then you’ve got some interesting props that aren’t even a part of the game:

  • Will Alicia Keys forget or omit a word from the US National Anthem? Yes +170 or No -200.
  • Will Alicia Keys add a word to the US National Anthem? Yes +200 or No -300.
  • Will Jay Z join Beyonce at the half time shot? Yes +110 or No -150.
  • Who will be shown first Jim Harbough, John Harbough or a split screen of the two?
  • How many times will Jack Harbough be shown on the television? Over/Under 2.
  • How long will Jim and John’s hug be after the game? Over/Under 6.5 seconds.
  • How many times will Harbaugh be said during the game? Over/Under 20.5.
  • What color will the liquid be that is dumped on the winning head coach?  Plenty of colors to choose from.

And that is literally just to name a few.

To see all of the crazy props head over to now.  Check out the website for more on the Super Bowl.


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