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The Kentucky Derby is the biggest horse race in North America every year.  The top 3-year old thoroughbred horses from around the world compete to win the first leg of the potential Triple Crown.  The Kentucky Derby (wiki page) is the second most bet on sporting event each year in the United States, next to the Super Bowl, and it’s also very popular among worldwide bettors.

Where To Bet On The Kentucky Derby

Our top rated betting site for wagering on the Kentucky Derby is  They are the largest sportsbook worldwide and continue to grow in markets across the globe by offering a great user experience and top notch customer service. currently offers new accounts at 100% up to $200 sign up bonus, which is perfect to use for betting on the Kentucky Derby.

***I should note that Bet365 does not accepts American bettors.  I suggest checking out for information on how to bet on the race if you reside in the USA.

Kentucky Derby Betting Options

Here are a few of the various bets you can make on the horse races.  For a more general look at the Bet365 racebook check out our horse race betting page.

  • Win/Place/Show
    • Win – The horse must win the Kentucky Derby.
    • Place – The horse must finish in the top 2 positions.
    • Show – The horse must come top 3.

Kentucky Derby Fixed Odds

The Derby is such a big race that Bet365 offers futures odds on the race for many weeks before raceday.  The odds for the futures bets are done using fixed odds, which means the odds are locked in when you place your bet, compared to the parimutuel odds on raceday which change depending on the amount of money coming in on each horse.

Here is an example of the fixed odds for the 2017 Kentucky Derby from a few days before the race took place.

You can also place an each-way bet on any of the horses to finish in the top 3 positions with the odds being 1/5 of the “to win” odds listed above.

How To Bet On The Kentucky Derby at Bet365

Here’s a quick step by step guide to easily get your Kentucky Derby bets in at Bet365 this year.

  • Click here to visit
  • Click the ‘Join Now’ link in the top right corner of the following screen to create a new account.
  • After you’ve created an account you will need to make a deposit.  Remember that Bet365 offers new sign ups a 100% up to $200 sign up bonus and I suggest that you take full advantage of this great offer.
  • After you’ve deposited you will receive a 10 digit offer code sent to your email.  Follow the instructions in the email and enter the code in your Bet365 account to unlock your bonus funds.
  • After you’ve entered the code the bonus funds should appear in your account.
  • Now that you have funds go ahead and bet on the Kentucky Derby!

Ready to sign up? Click here to visit

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