Bet On The US Presidential Election in Europe

Donald TrumpThe American Presidential Election is big news around the world.  As one of the most powerful nations in the world that spends a ton of money on military and has the most well known currency around the world, like it or not the American election affects everyone worldwide.

Add in the fact that a television celebrity in Donald Trump has a very legitimate shot at winning the Presidency and the media simply cannot get enough of this election.

I wanted to create this page to give Europeans an idea of how you can get in on the action and place a bet on who will win the Election in the United States in November.

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USA Election Odds

Here are the current odds from

  • Democrats (Hillary Clinton) 1.22
  • Republicans (Donald Trump) 4.20
  • Independent 81.00

The Democrats are the favourites at this point in time, but Donald Trump has been an underdog this entire election process, so I wouldn’t rule him out just yet.

How To Bet On Election at Bet365

To find the US Election odds at you’ll need to select ‘Specials’ from the left sidebar in the sportsbook.  Follow that up by clicking on US Presidential Election 2016 and you will find the odds for which party will win the election outright on November 8th.


I’ve been following the election through social media and I personally don’t think Trump will be able to get over the hump and actually win the election.  That said, I didn’t expect him to win the Republican Nomination either and he seems to feed off of saying crazy things to get the media to pay for his campaign.

Once we get closer to the election Trump will not need to say outrageous things to be seen in the media and we may get a better idea of Trumps actual plan for the country.  That’s if he has a plan, and that’s a big if.  I don’t think he does and I think he will be exposed in the coming months, but if he does come out with some good ideas that people are able to get behind I’m not counting him out because Hillary also has had her share of bad press.

It will be interesting either way and something that everyone in the world should be paying attention to.

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