Bet On Dan Henderson vs Michael Bisping Title Fight

ufc-204One of the strangest UFC title fights in recent memory is coming to England this Saturday with Michael Bisping, the current UFC Middleweight Champion, fighting Dan Henderson in a rematch of their UFC 100 bout.  This is a strange title fight for a lot of reasons.

First of all, as much as I like Michael Bisping, it’s weird to see him as UFC Champion after his long 10 year UFC career to this point.  He earned his title shot with Luke Rockhold after Weidman dropped out of the fight because of injury and Yoel Romero and Jacare Souza couldn’t take the fight for other reasons.  So Bisping went into that title fight on two weeks notice and won as one of the biggest underdogs in UFC title fight history.  So it’s strange to see Bisping as the belt holder at Middleweight.

The even crazier thing is that the UFC booked Bisping against Dan Henderson for the title, with Hendo ranked as the #13 fighter at Middleweight, passing over all 3 of the legitimate contenders (and a lot of other fighters in the division).  The fans did ask for this fight though, and what the fans ask for they generally receive from the UFC.  So as illegitimate of a title fight this is, it’s a very fun fight for the fans and should be a dandy.

Henderson vs Bisping Odds

Here are the odds from for the fight:

  • Michael Bisping 1.40
  • Dan Henderson 3.00

Bisping is a big favourite in this one, but perhaps not as big as many people expected.  Some people are still giving Hendo a chance in this fight.

My Pick

I’m going all in on Michael Bisping in this fight.  I’m not one of the many people who feels he simply got lucky in his last couple fights with Anderson Silva and Luke Rockhold.  In fact, in the Silva fight he was very close to getting unlucky when he took that flying knee from Silva at the end of the third round while asking for his mouth piece from Herb Dean.  He brought the pressure to Silva in that fight and deserved to win.  Against Rockhold he had been drilling the left hook for the entire two weeks he had to prepare for the fight and it was eventually the punch that dropped Luke.

With his new boxing coach, Bisping seems to be very improved on the feet and he’s willing to put power behind his punches now, rather than simply throwing flurries with the intent on getting out of the pocket after the exchange.  This new skill will pay huge dividends against Dan Henderson, who is a completely shot fighter with a glass chin ever since being KO’d by a Vitor Belfort head kick in November of 2013.  Bisping also suffered a head kick finish at the hands of Belfort in 2013, but he’s not been KO’d since and has actually looked like a more durable fighter to this point in his career.

Bisping comes forward with a lot of punches, and now that he adds good power to these punches he should have no trouble putting Hendo’s lights out.

Play: Bisping 1.40

I also love the under 2.5 rounds at odds of 1.80 at Bet365.  There’s no way that it takes Bisping late into the third round to finish Henderson in this fight.  And if Hendo somehow manages to knockout Bisping, it will be early on as well.  This a great bet and I’ll be going hard on the under in this spot.

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