2013 NHL Schedule Announced – NHL Betting is Back

If you are an NHL fan, such as myself, then you woke up to some amazing news this past Sunday.  The NHL and NHLPA had hashed out the details and agreed to a new CBA.  This meant NHL hockey would be back this year and the Stanley Cup would once again be awarded.  If you are even more like me and enjoy betting on NHL hockey then this was even better news.

NHLToday the NHL announced that the league will play a shortened 48 game schedule that will not include out of conference games.  There will be 30 out of division games and 18 games against division rivals.  This means each team will play 3 games against the teams that aren’t in their division, but are in their conference and either 4 or 5 games against the teams within their division.  The removal of out of conference games will allow the NHL to further condense the season because they won’t have to worry as much about travel constraints.  It will also make it very interesting when teams meet in the Stanley Cup, because they will basically be playing in two different leagues until the Finals.

Betting On The NHL

Now that the NHL is back for sure we can start to look at betting on the NHL.  Both of our recommended bookies, Bet365 and Bovada will be offering odds on every game throughout the season, but they are also offering some futures odds right now on who will win the Stanley Cup.

Bovada.lv has the following odds for the favorites to win the Stanley Cup:

  • Pittsburgh Penguins 15/2
  • New York Rangers 17/2
  • Vancouver Canucks 9/1
  • LA Kings 12/1
  • Philadelphia Flyers 12/1
  • Boston Bruins 14/1
  • Chicago Blackhawks 14/1

These will be the same favorites at Bet365.com as well.  I like the Blackhawks at 14/1.  I think they have the talent on the team to do very well.  They just need to get some goaltending in the playoffs and they will be very hard to beat.

But this year even more than the others the Eastern Conference Champion and Western Conference Champions will be interesting to follow.  Just solely because you won’t see either conference play the other throughout the course of the season so each conference may develop their own style of hockey.

The favorites are just like the ones above, but with shorter odds:

  • Pittsburgh Penguins 4/1
  • New York Rangers 9/2
  • Boston Bruins 7/1
  • Philadelphia Flyers 7/1
  • Carolina Hurricanes 11/1

In the West here are the top dogs:

  • Vancouver Canucks 9/2
  • LA Kings 6/1
  • Chicago Blackhawks 13/2
  • St. Louis Blues 7/1
  • Detroit Red Wings 8/1
  • Minnesota Wild 9/1
  • Edmonton Oilers 12/1
  • San Jose Sharks 12/1

I don’t know why the Wild or the Oilers are so high on that list. Both teams haven’t proven themselves at all and that makes me very weary to select them to win the West.  In my opinion both teams are hard pressed to just make the playoffs in the Western Conference.

No matter what happens I’m just happy that we can once again bet on NHL games and watch the fast paced game in a condensed season (which actually means more action in the same amount of time).

I’m looking forward to it and suggest that you check out NHL.com to keep up with the stories and get excited.

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